Tomas Nordmark
The work of visionary composer and music producer Tomas Nordmark spans the experimental avant garde to commercial scoring. Critically acclaimed* and with a tireless ambition of probing the sonic future in his own work Tomas Nordmark has received commissions from art organisations, curators, directors for film and stage and has created sonic identities for commercial brands.


*The New York Times

”…a meditative, nearly ambient foundation: sustained, consonant tones like distant horns. But the foreground is jittery, full of unpredictable, glassy tones that briefly hover, then disappear.”

*The Guardian

“…a heavenly, palate-cleansing series of minty-fresh synthesised drones and bleeps that manage to tell stories that resolve without even hinting at melody.”

*Paste Magazine

“…exquisite tension between the human and the synthetic, the natural and the unnatural”

*Brooklyn Vegan

“…a world that is ambient and enveloping, minimalist but layered and deep with feeling”

*Bandcamp Daily

“…Nordmark creates his own sonic language”

*Backseat Mafia

“A sorcerer of the musics of the nocturne”

SPIRIT (Exit Ghosts, 2021)
EXIT (Exit Ghosts, 2021)
GHOSTS (Exit Ghosts, 2021)


Treblezine – Exit Ghosts
“It’s like standing beside a frozen lake and sounds, carried by gusts of wind, from all over the planet can be heard. But they are fragmented, disintegrated from their perfect original. They still carry with them a trace of beauty or sorrow, but they are no longer what they once were.”


Jay-Jay Johanson – Romeo (Tomas Nordmark Strange Rework – ROMEO EP, 2021)
HUMAN (Eternal Words, 2019)
SPEAKING (Eternal Words, 2019)


Bandcamp Daily – Eternal Words
“Tomas Nordmark’s immersive electronic sculptures feel like time-lapse photos of technological decay.”


IKLECTIK (London, 2021)

Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Berlin, 2020)

Sonica Festival (Ljubljana, 2019)

St Pancras Old Church (London, 2018)