Tomas Nordmark

16 minutes, 8 channel ambisonic composition for Amoenus 13:4 bespoke speaker system. London 2021 (Amoenus / IKLECTIK)
Composition commissioned by Amoenus and IKLECTIK, supported by the British Arts Council.

Swedish artist and composer Tomas Nordmark will investigate the use of space as a compositional & performative tool to further the development of his piece “It If”.

Taking inspiration from the process behind Steve Reich’s “City Life”, Tomas has recorded City of London’s soundscape during lockdown and extracted its musicality by analysing its inherent tonal and rhythmic elements.

The use of the 3D sound space as a musical instrument is made possible through Auditif, a tactile 3D audio controller that allows for real time positioning as well as looping customised motions of the sound sources in space. If the length of the “spatial loops” are not synchronised with the musical time of the piece, a “spatial polyrhythm” is generated, with motions interweaving with the dynamics of the composition.

Project in collaboration with Amoenus and IKLECTIK

Project documentation:

Immersive Audio R&D: A Retrospective from AMOENUS on Vimeo.