Tomas Nordmark

Sound artists and composers Pascal Savy (FR/UK) and Tomas Nordmark (SE/UK) team up for ‘Memories of Lost Futures’, their new collaborative project presented at IKLECTIK for the first time. The London residents will use hundreds of years old sacred compositions as a point of departure for their performances and will seek to re-contextualise them into critical and forward-looking electronic compositions as a way to explore alternative forms of a future that failed to happen.

The late cultural theorist and writer Mark Fisher argued with the concept of hauntology (Jaques Derrida, 1993) that we are haunted by a future that failed to happen, thus leaving us in a stasis of the present. Fisher gives examples on the effect of hauntology within popular culture such as a the lack of real inventiveness in modern music that instead championing repetition of decades old concepts and styles – which Fisher argues has initiated “the slow cancellation of the future” (Franco Beradi, 2011).

Using ancient compositions embodying a sense of timeless transcendence as a form of extreme hyper-anachronism, Savy and Nordmark will perform two new electronic pieces manifesting the haunting state of a future that we lost. In the process they hope to use this hyper-anachronism as a possible vehicle for an aftertime. Both artists believes this aftertime could be a luminosity or a brilliance, concealed in archaic fragments and revealed through a process of transmutation.